Following a wholistic, Swedish approach to childcare, we believe that everyone has the right to quality day care services. 

Lagom follows a Montessori approach in creating curriculum that enriches the child by letting them explore their own interests.

Lil Ones: Ages 1 - 6

Our little ones are focused on exploring everything from increasing motor skills all the way to improving reading skills. We believe that the youngest age is the best time to explore art, nature, and music.

All ages: Kid Friendly Kitchen

Every week, two kids are selected as the Chef’s helpers. They get to help bake goods and share nutrition lessons to their classmates as they serve their friends food they made.

Big Kids: Ages 7 - 11

Our Big Kids program has a heavier emphasis on literature, science, and math. We make learning fun by playing logic games, exploring physics through jungle gyms, and having reading and writing challenges. The older children are, the more leadership roles they will take on like directing plays, coordinating reading days with the little ones, and creating their own science experiments.

All ages: 1 Hour Outside

Rain, shine, or snow, outdoor recess is a must. Field trips are coordinated on a quarterly basis as well but are optional.

All ages: Lunch with Parent

Having lunch with your kid can be a daily, weekly, or even monthly activity. It provides emotional comfort to both the parent and the child.


Swedish Style Daycare